Thanks to SiDLY Care you may care for your relatives anywhere and anytime.


SiDLY Care is a professional medical device with quality certificate

Our activities have been validated by, among others, obtaining the certification of the most respected entity on the certification and research services market in Europe - TÜV Rheinland.


Dedicated to individuals who would like to care for their family members despite the distance, SiDLY Care is the first device in telemedicine offering all advantages of eHealth and eCare combined.


SiDLY Care connects simplicity and convenience. Discreet and easy to use does not interfere with any daily activities. It makes you feel safer, allows for systematic measurements, performs on-going monitoring, ensures freedom and independence. The carer is able to perform daily duties while convinced that distance is not a hindrance when caring for loved ones.


Evidence of the benefits of wearable technologies for medical facilities



Reduced records maintenance times by 60%


Decreased hospitalization rates by 35%


Emergency interventions fell by 53%


Number of hospital bed rest days decreased by 59%


Key features


Regular heartbeat measurements with the HeartSecure function.

This is the first wearable device which supports the doctor in caring for the patient, both before and immediately after cardiological procedures, as well as during the recovery process. It facilitates regular, 24h monitoring of the function of the heart, which is vital in cardiological telerehabilitation. The full mobility of the device makes it possible for both the physician and the patient to perform an examination without limiting the patient's freedom of movement. The SiDLY telemedicine wristband is the first device of its kind which facilitates monitoring of stress tests in elderly people. This means that elderly patients can be examined even while taking a walk or simply going about their daily routine.

Skin temperature measurements with the SkinWatcher function

Skin temperature measurements facilitated by this function make it possible to monitor the patient at various stages after surgical procedures. This is a very important function, often used at renowned hematology and oncology clinics to provide care to patients after transplant surgeries. It is also unnecessary for medical staff to increase the number of ward rounds or to wake the patient up in order to monitor their skin temperature. Full mobility and automation facilitates 24h monitoring and response even if the patient is asleep and unaware that they have developed a fever.

Response if the patient falls over with the SmartDetector function

Ensuring the patient's safety is especially important when caring for elderly patients or those having difficulty moving around. This function facilitates remote monitoring of the patient's movements while they are inside a room, going to toilet, for a walk or engaging in any other activity. The function makes it possible to find out quickly if the patient faints or falls over. The automatic alarm signal activated in such circumstances will notify you about danger, while a fast response time will enable you to prevent negative consequences of events such as injuries or even death.


This function fully demonstrates the new face of paging systems. SiDLY Care wristbands equipped with this function are the first fully mobile devices in the world which take regular medical measurements, while the patient can wear the device on their wrist just like a watch. Mobility and automation of the procedures support the medical practitioner in ensuring the highest level of safety of their patients and providing specialist care wherever the patient finds himself/herself, without the need to involve additional medical staff or to burden the patient with complicated devices.

Locate the patient with the LocationTracker function

The ability to locate the patient quickly is especially important in case of a threat to their health. The LocationTracker function is fully automated and helps establish the location of the patient if they press the CareButton, or if the device detects that the patient has fallen over or fainted. This activates an alarm (a fall or SOS signal), which makes it possible to find the patient even if they are unable to specify their location.

Check if the patient is wearing the wristband with the BandMode function

This innovative function makes it possible for the doctor to monitor the use of the wristband remotely. With BandMode you can check at any time if the patient is wearing the device, if measurements are being taken, and therefore if the patient is being cared for adequately so they are not in danger.

Monitor the use of medication with the PillManage function

This function makes it possible to determine the times at which medication should be taken by your patients via the online platform. The wristband reminds the users to take their medication according to your recommendations. The online platform enables you to manage the daily dosage of medication, monitor its use and prepare summaries useful for further treatment.

Telerehabilitation of the patient with the StepChecker function

The function makes it possible to monitor the daily activity of the patient, which is especially important during the rehabilitation process. The device facilitates remote therapy, crucial for patients with dementia, as physical activity supports their fight against the disease. The physician determines the recommended daily level of physical activity and checks if it has been met.

Check the reasons for malaise with the AirMonitor function

Find the cause of your malaise. Take medical measurements and monitor atmospheric conditions such as air pressure. Thanks to the AirMonitor function, you can find out if your indisposition has been caused by the environment or other factors.

Why recommend the wristband to patients?

Benefits for the doctor:

  • Make accurate diagnoses thanks to the ability to pre-diagnose the patient on the basis of accurate and regular medical measurements
  • Accelerate the process of commencing the right therapy by reducing the time necessary to conduct a test and gather medical data
  • Optimize the operation of your medical facility with the ability to take vital signs measurements of multiple patients quickly
  • Ensure the safety of your patients with 24h monitoring of their medical results and the ability to generate reports
  • Avoid threats to the patient's life and health thanks to fast alerts generated if their results worsen
  • Use the benefits of telemedicine and decrease the costs of patient services

SiDLY Care use may be particularly advantageous for the following groups of patients:

  • with arrhythmia, suffering from losses of consciousness, blackouts
  • during infections therapy (antibiotics, anti-virus medicines)
  • with lower cognitive capabilities (e.g. dementia syndromes)
  • with motor disorders and high risk of falling (e.g. patients after a stroke), with Parkinson's disease, taking medicines disrupting motor coordination – hypnotic, anti-depression medication, anti-psychotics)
  • requiring regular use of many drugs (medication reminder, vital signs assessment after taking medication, e.g. in the case of drugs slowing down heart beat).


SiDLY Care is useful in the following situations:

  • For persons who wish to continuously monitor their vital functions
  • for pregnant women who are very active (heart beat monitoring, possibility to alert emergency help instantly)
  • as support of long term house rehabilitation, unassisted exercises, early reaction to irregularities (tele-rehabilitation, e.g. in persons after heart attack)
  • as permanent monitoring of chosen parameters in chronically ill patients in home care and hospital care (telemonitoring, enabling e.g. optimising working time and nurses ward round).

The measurement results are regularly sent on a specially created for this application on tablet and mobile phone and Hour web platform , making guardian has permanent access to information on vital parameters of a loved one.



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